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with special regard to statistics regarding dementia
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included, and, as long as the surgeon was unable to recognize
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vii, 490. [Rap. deVeiiueman], 420.— Oelpkc (T.) Ueber
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thus recognized : 1, the free fiit in the food ; 2, the mt derived from the
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tied. The sponges were next carefully removed piece by piece, and we discover-
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malia and birds, and are very small in the lower vertebrate
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good evidence of heredity, and also that different animal sensitive-
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fore mentioned, he considers the proper distribution of meals
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from seventy-five to eighty-five per cent of recoveries against from fifty
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readily decomposable. The necessity for this inspection is accentuated
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the examination of the specimens obtained synchronously from the two
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etc. Sometimes, and especially with the 2:)istol, it
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himself. We have found that a very safe and effectual applica-
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women, especially, there are who, for lack of exercise, become
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the butyric acid bacillus. Only the first will bo considered in this
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spasmodic movements have been most severe. The optic discs are usually
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stance which is not known to be formed in the organism under normal
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the year 1882, Dr. Francis Bond, the Medical Officer
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manded that he should lay aside the mask of secrecy, so that the
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induced systemic lupus erythematosis. The peripheral neu-
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patients or carriers is dangerous in proportion to its condition of
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chronics and cripples of New York. He ; the patient moved his head abruptly. Con-
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ferred to the Matteawan State Hospital for the Insane.
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intravenously, produced a marked rise in the phagocytic index, whereas
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principles upon which they are based, are essentially eorrecl,
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work, either physical or mental, and in the next place to put her upon a
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served epidemics of erethitic or synochal measles, such as have exclu-
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Existence of Tropical Sprue in North Carolina : Discussion by
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Now, this strong analogy has been made use of as an argument,
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to an exposition of the grand carte de diner of Dr. Dobell,
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1893. Symonds, Chabtbbs James, F.R.C.8., 58, Portland-place, W. c.
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there was excruciating neuralgic pain throughout the whole body,
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avec elephantiasis des ]iiiri ics inollo ; nevioiue jilexi forme;
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Tho last not only evident to the touch, but also to the eye. Both
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pain, no infiammation, no difliculty in moving the right arm or shoul-
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Insurance Forum, Mutual Assurance Society of Alabama— Room G, Municipal Auditorium
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