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comes more decided ; instead of a shooting pain, occasionally felt, it be-
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of a nitrite with ether is thus often distinctly advantageous in the relief
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their respective bodily weights, are about twice as powerful as adults
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The inventions and improvements of Dr. Chase, many of which have
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paralysed side, and came to an end at an earlier date. The reverse was
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cultivated organisms. This being so, it would seem that we are dealing
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When the stomach is irritable, and most of the food already indicated
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the former is not consecutive to the fibrous overgrowth.
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cytes in action. Even in 1887 Ribbert, in his studies upon the fate
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occur in healthy and non-diphtheritic sore throats which closely resem-
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be had to this fact, and to the " growing-up " tendency to outbursts of
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Should consciousness be again wholly suspended, be will remember no-
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in its successive stages. I can but state that these appear to be the
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paralysis, tremor, or spasm from over-use of single groups of muscles,
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unicellular glands discharging or excreting their granules, and these
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leeches are to be applied to the epigastrium. An enema, consisting of a
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that the best method is to use a solution of carbolic fuchsin diluted
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with each other functionally and anatomically. The secreting nerves
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diphtheria commonly begins about the second or third week in Sep-
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climate, while at the same time sleep is encouraged rather than interfered
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the susceptible ages should, if practicable, be sent away from the house.
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favourable soil for growth and development in the tissues and organs
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in which the skin is affected alone ; and those cases in which the disease
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normal condition of the region. Under unfavourable conditions — where
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greatly to the decline and fall of this attractive and once dominant theory,
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Septiccemia, or the passage of micro-organisms into the blood, with
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sive congestion, obstructed lymph-flow, and increased nutrition conse-
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reports from a medical referee of their own selection.
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able cases, a progression in steadiness and strength. The breathing
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affection. The cavity of the peritoneum is filled with an offensive serous
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T. Mason, of Virginia ; James M. Smith, of Penn. ; Charles W. Tait,
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agents than bacilli found in stools that have stood for some time and
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from, and at the same time explains certain interesting observations
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in the same state of irritability, for every idea recurring from memory, is
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produced in the laboratory. We have, therefore, some justification in
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theria, 1 drew the conclusion that under certain circumstances the
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