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is directly indicated if through mechanical obstruction in the blood

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])sychical causes were e(|ual in number to all of a physical nature, including

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pension or diminution of the pressure to which the capillaries are habitu-

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the adjoining toe and extended into the arch of the foot.

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out of bed and fell on the floor in an entirely helpless condition ; in

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whatever. The streptococcus is in the mouth and can-

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the blood and these in turn are dependent on perversion of meta-

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must be made in the huts of the aborigines in the tropics : the dark-

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whether or not retinal lesions are to be found among the

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permanently, so we lost him. So great were our obligations to

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titioners, influenced by the teacliings of the books, have carried

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impossible the acceptance of several insured cases of aneurism which have

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twenty cases, and in the oral examination it was said to nie, Are you going into practice,

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shows a series of other changes. It is very pale (so - called

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1 12. Budberg-Boeninghausen and Koch. — 125 cm. (4 ft.

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ined at the 12-inile distance and in but 34% when 1 co. was the

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pulp rapidly assumed the bright scarlet hue of the healthy spleen.

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intestines and considered these as causative, regarding the thrush-like membranous

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Schonlein, the learned physician to the late king of Prussia, had

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'" ■"' ''''■■ '-i-'i' \'":' di-teiided .iiui u:-, e, ,ind tli.'Uu'h piib.itioii ni.iv be

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causes the animal to move backwards, forwards, or sideways,

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the boy's condition at the present time was good. He

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15 D Street. Here Pellagrin 529 developed a severe er3rthema about

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alcoholic liquids may give rise to impotency by the injury done to the brain

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may supervene during the ray treatment which necessitate surgical

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successful cases unconnected with organic disease. When the infusion of

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treatment with the Nd-YAG laser alone. Postoperative

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coaching, podium speaking, plus an opportunity to discuss with peers the issues facing

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transmission in the United States through universal childhood

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tion receiving"[sucb help from medicine as her weakness and her

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tity should be taken as the patient really needs. Keep watch

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instances may mask it. Compensatory emphysema, however, is fre-

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C. Consider the occasional publication of a larger Newsletter

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state medical legislation which may be in the formative

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Thlendei^^x Deccinl)er, 1874, by Geo. R. Cutter, M. 1).)— The

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The report is on the whole constructive, and will no doubt serve to crystallize

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