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solutions and hydrogen peroxide (1 per cent.). If, therefore, it is deemed

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be reduced to albumin water or all food may be discontinued, and it

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from exposure to cold. Much more important distinctions,

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bral state, traumatic neuroses or a mixture of the two are

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on dilutions of cow's milk is somewhat higher than that of the

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and rapidity of the respiratory movements, in small doses,

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capacity of the phthisical, who will eat more nutritious

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happened in recorded cases of a similar nature, from

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measles, scarlatina, or small-pox ; and only fo\»r deaths

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for more than forty-eight hours after they had fed upon a sick animal, so

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6 different patients' sera. They showed a definite tendency to

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malaria. — The cause of fever in malaria is probably

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With delicate persons the local inflammation attending vaccination may

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cases. In the others, no cardiac lesions of material

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Eastern Penitentiary, Philadelphia. Med. News, N. Y.,

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fluid extract of valerian, or a few drops of Hoffman's anodyne, repeated

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explained below, are liable to block up the small lymph channels of

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rage, even roast beef, brown bread, or Boston cracker, if extravagantly used. All

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for the ensuing year. President — W. A. N. Cattlin,

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with the contents of ovarian cysts, would say at once that such a fluid

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in the hospitals. Didactic lectures, daily quizzes and the personal supervision

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don't torture him with remedies which have been proved to be useless, give him as much

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hospitals. Fully equipped Internist’s office with

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t>. Right spermatic yalve. . i n , • /• .i^ .• • j

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(b) The different forms of abolition of cutaneous sensibility, or

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" There is a widespread feeling, strongly emphasized in this

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gets little external deformity as the zygomaticus major is divided near

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certain narrow sects where prejudice is rampant, animal food is

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gooseberry bug, a minute insect which is found in hay fields and gooseberry

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reversed to day-time, the periodicity also is reversed. Mosquitoes, while

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symptoms. But as these — being often only the sensations of the patient

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killed like insects and plants by a temperature of 32° F.'" Epidemics,

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