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was destined to be more or less wide divergence of opinion. Nat-
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James Matthews Duncan, writing in 1884, emphatically places
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dent of the Convocation for the current year was J. Emmons Briggs,
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taking an Arts course ; " and he said to me, "Dr. Thorburn, I tell you if this youth is a
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also in the methods employed in their treatment, as well as in our
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tating, or merely a bland, non-irritating, cleansing agent, such as
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Just as good results are obtained sometimes by surgical aid
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Dr. Moorhouse — He is finding fault with the well-expressed opinions of others ; he
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of peripheric electrization ; that is to say, the influences of mus-
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to assure ourselves, through careful physical tests, of the organic
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The first of January the character of the pus entirely changed,
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than that a few animals should be employed in trying out theories
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Although no doubt it has existed for a long time, yet as its symp-
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ington as Dr. Lemuel Herbert Murlin. As is well known, President
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means of the awkward contractions which often cause the foot to
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been made in the study of these cases during the last few years to
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general. In a few of these cases, a unilateral flat foot, or pronated
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"While the vaccine treatment is effective, I believe it is mortally slow.
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Carcinoma). By Solomon C. Fuller, M.D. (Plates XXX-
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position in society demand that they retain their primitive beauty
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tions of the soft tissue may not have been repaired, etc.
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test, and the demonstration by Schaudinn and Hoffman of the
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abscess of the lung which contained just one ounce of pus, and
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artificial pneumothorax, and which ,in France has led to a number of interest-
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No. 3. County of Middlesex, Dr. B. Bayley, London, Ont.
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thing doing for the patent medicine and adulterated food makers.
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about six hours, but was attended by intense thirst, great pros-
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little better mentally than when admitted. After two months in hospital, a
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Looking at it in the broadest sense, Homoeopathy is but one

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