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tissue in its walls is but scantily developed, the auricle soon gives

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Hepatic dissociation jaundice in its relation to hepatitis is not clearly

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rence, one after three years without recurrence and two after six years

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resist strongly any treatment. ... In many cases I found a bad formation

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hydrocele and its nature is often apparent only when the fluid is with-

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and had negative reactions in both blood and spinal fluid and a cell

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appearances resembling those in analogous affections of the aorta.

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injections are usually followed by the evacuation of a large golden-

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albendazole side effects in child

of the arteries. Increase of blood pressure is also observed after a

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months. He complained of dyspnea, edema of the legs and abdomen, with

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orhit there was a fracture, obliquely directed, 2.5 cm. long, with the forward

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Dickinson's observations from post-mortem evidence went to

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in rats and rabbits, but later experiments have shown that there are

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extent by an increase of fibrous tissue. As in other organs there may

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ins which poison the nerve centres. Most cases resolve themselves

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If there be a loud continuous murmur, manifesting increase of

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death-rate, wherever it has been tested, than the Christian populations

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The hypertrophy of the left ventricle sometimes, though rarely,

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gm. and thymus 0.16 gm. over the preceding period in each case. This

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cells peculiarities of cell and tissue structure with the proclivities attach-

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Numerous deposits of actinomyces were found upon one occasion

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it is clear that in animal experiments definite toxic effects can be pro-

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Medical Division of the University Hospital, University of Pennsylvania.

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mere discovery of a murmur at the apex synchronous with the sys-

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be disposed to set up types in his mind, types of the natural associa-

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pears earlier than the mental improvement. The swelling gradually

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Physical examination showed absent deep reflexes in the legs and Argyll

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abnormal valves. I have observed a case in which the valve Mas

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cation of mitral insufficiency, as the rapidity of the systole contrib-

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metabolism, the nature of which was as yet obscure.

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The obstacle in obstruction at the left auriculo-ventricular orifice

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by total exclusion of all food, a complete rest can be given to the

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is bad; nevertheless exceptional cases respond to other heart tonics,

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was no evident association. This series of cases in young children,

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by us Aug. 23, 1912. The erythema recurred on hands and feet in 1913 and

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