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The diagnosis was based mainly on the previous history (as

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cavity and the wound sewn up. The spine was fixed by a

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prising Appliances connected with the various branches of

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The Duke of Cambridge will preside at the festival dinner

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the officiating medical charge of the Queen's Own Sappers and Miners..

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IS Abstractof paper on "Anatomical and Medical Kuowledgeol Ancient

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■ferred to, and further explained by examples derived from

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The Medical Mnrjazine for April gives the place of honour to

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the chapter on pathology, little regard is paid to the too

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addressed to the Council. Some of these are matters of

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the drains by the provision of a cooling tank, and this course

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in the Ethical Code, Chap, ii. Sect. 4, Rule 12, to the effect that if "the

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gradually obliterated. The contraction of the external part

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'J hMag.lniss., i)uryM,l»vi ; UeiieVcLika Souicksal deaTtA^eusTmuiierisciren

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nated, which has done so much to reduce the mortality.

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The Honorary Secretary reported that so far the appeal

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right side. For some months she had noticed a swelling in

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sions," was sufficient explanation. Sometimes the presence

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Mr. Bruce Clahkb, in reply, said that enough gut must be

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tirely filled with a solid mass of new growth; the tuberosity of the

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Portland Street, 8 p.^r. — Dr. Edward Law : Examination of

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abscess cavity ; in the other instances the septic mischief

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to every 1,375 ; and on the whole Australian continent, 1 to

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at 13, is regular monthly, lasts seven days. Pain has always accompanied

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for manslaughter in respect of the death of an infant placed in her care.

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ciples in surgical work, and also of the ready interchange of

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one instance, and in only very exceptional cases can it do any

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tained no trace of colloid or pseudo-mucinous substance, but

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Modern Antipyretics .• their Action in Health and Disease.

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