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ornament to any school, and they did not disappoint him in carry-
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by the action of the freed acetic acid. Still other experimental
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cheetin Jit' ■'^slle "T'"" " "r""* '°™^'>» "'"'"'■K or
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the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland, Friday, March 8, 1912.
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doubted value in the education of the public in health matters.
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cent to 100 per cent, which is far greater than simple summation ;
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196 New York State Journal of Medicine/February 1978
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Morphological Results of Vascular Suture: In addition
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cases, where turbid waters were treated, success was not at-
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output of phthalein after anesthesia as before, showing appar-
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ploitation of its own "natural" brand, that the synthetic
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16. Woods, J. W., Blythe, W. B.. and Huffines, W. D.: Man-
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small coagulum in the bottom of the tube. Add absolute alcohol, alcohol
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have a typical saddle nose deformity with no perforation of the
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serum diagnosis of syphilis, after having painfully stumbled through many
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In addition to writing or editing more than 20 books,
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thrust into the nose between the middle turbinate and the septum to
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under the old treatment was in the neighborhood of 60 to 70 per cent.
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with the natural bacterial balance of the intestinal tract and there is
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Under the second division or contributing causes it is not
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are at least two groups of cases (A and B), on Chart IV, which
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pressed in an earlier paper before the Academy. Upon only one point
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In 1902, according to Schmitz, twenty-one successful ar-
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the practice of men who have used salin solution has demonstrated its
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•uch a. Imperfect martidHon «„erl.T'"^ beduetovariou, cn»es.
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result from mere laziness, and in other instances a child may sleep so
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32. Evans, W. T. — Transactions Texas Med. Assoc. 1890. p. 224.
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list as giving positive Wassermanns, it is hoped that you will set the
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of the quinin in as much hot water as the syringe will hold. Hot water
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or, trustee, or member of a board, commission, or com-
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day from Monday to Saturday inclusive was filled with operations and
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tient should receive twice daily a hot saline or bichlorid
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as those of salvarsan. 2, The reaction after treatment is nil or very
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n^uure once each week will incre.^ the .i„ ^dTrb^r If'tte
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to give a complete and effective treatment of his case, even as he
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ing ten is only $13,000 per million gallons capacity. The cost
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health needs of the city. The study was carried out as part
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demonstrated. On the whole it seems that when the mother
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The mainstay of drug therapy in the treatment of ul-
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With the head at the lowermost station forceps is the only method of
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tion of admission or discharge from institutions for the feeble-
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sympathy which formed so large a part of his actions and had such an
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