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6 with the blood-mixture and tube a with the colored solution are now set up side
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88.81% manifested some congenital defect. The great signifi-
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advantages. The pupils will be in well graded schools, under close,
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tions, a decoction of roots, leaves, and stems of plants gath-
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Besides the special tendencies and liabilities of the several forms of
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Concerning the Management of So-called Dyspepsia. [See page 60.]
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alter the cells’ ability to synthesize nucleic acids and
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<' The P. invsterata requires the fame pl?.n of treatment as the
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increasing ; the tumor itself much flattened and decreased in protuberance ; the
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State Medical Association, it is appropriate that the
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that patient. If this be the plan of action, provided one has not
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ated or otherwise diseased surface; and, at the same
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The second part consists of miscellaneous essays, to wit: — I. Dr.
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the region of the affected nerve, by means of cataphoresis, has been of
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pleure on both sides. No recent pulmonary hemorrhage into the lungs, but the
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Platearius (the elder) and Cophon (the elder), we possess
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in the intestines, and of jaundice ; in these casei
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A general inspection act to protect the people against
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the motor tract. The situation of the clot, however, may be such as to
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cases is the only way a positive diagnosis can be established.
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nucleated cells, said to be characteristic of cancer as a specific
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noticed to be remarkably tough. If again we take the case of mitral stenosis
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IX. — J. M., a sallow child, aet. 4, took the southern oil for a week,
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* Principles of Medicine, by Charles J. B. Williams, M. D., F. E. S., page 29.
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■51. Turck: (Colonic Sound.) Further observations on treatment
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the American College of Surgeons. He received the Strittmatter
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Accad. lued.-chir. di Niipoli. 187.5, xxix, 80, 1 pi.— Wujar-
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disinfectants than most pathogenic bacteria, except anthrax and a few
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males of Anopheles are known to bite occasionally in winter, and
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be used, one-half to one pint being injected night and morning.
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references to the dangers of chloroform almost weekly.
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which does not respond to the will, but all the muscles of the leg show a

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