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suggested that he make them a temperance speech. This
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popular approval, perhaps Voltaire was not far wrong
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hardly a case in which we did not get a bad arm. I do not know
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lost, in the mazes of its fancied speculations, yet it is the
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various parts of the body ; some papules soon show a yellow point
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30. In The Tract on Disease Caused by Cold Disease -Causing
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kidneys had been interfered with by some mechanical
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nished. Omit I!"' Mixture, R Ferri CMrat. Jss ; Tinct. et Syrupi Aurantii, aa
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these symptoms cover nearly every case, in a few patients great dyspnoea
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nails have been seen to occur in disseminated sclerosis and especially in
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for having wasted both time and money last year upon formalde-
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complication of some other disease ; but no other disease has
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Homoeopathic Dispensary to which patients resort of their own
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patient the only chance he has for life, it will purge the general
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pharmacological effect when initiating and discontinuing
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acute pain in the affected root areas (signe de I'etemuement) owing
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ishes. The stools are now of a greasy brown or dark-green appearance, fecal
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cember, on account of a chronic diseased condition of
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ture so greatly influences the disinfecting power of liquids that it is
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fully the fact thai mental action- are material, jusl that
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of measles resulting from contact with a case in the dwelling-house.
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raphy, and others object to all operative interference. The author
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by comparison with a mercury one, and soon becomes inaccurate. ED.]
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The pasteurization of milk is such an important public lieall
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ceeding attacks of delirium tremens are more easily brought about than
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sets of vessels corresponding to the foramen ovale. The entire encephalon and
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renders it peculiarly liable to be excited by slight
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ment of the fingers failed to force on my mind, until too late, the
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indisputable fact. But what of gonorrhea? What of it? What is it?
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chains, running parallel to each, forming grayish-white colonies on agar not
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symptoms develop, the recognition of the condition is not dillicult. Tin-
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inhalation of irritant smoke, gas, dust, drawing of food, irritating or insolu-
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