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interesting paper on this subject. After a somewhat prolonged historical review

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Experiment No. 18. — Successful Use of Cocaine Cataphoresis

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contribute their money also. This should come from public

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void of air, and is pushed up against the spinal column. And it is

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vessels by surrounding tissues. These aneurysms show some similarity in

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destined to accomplish definite results, and combined into i apparatus, definitely related to

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slide. Do physicians examine tbe urine as they should in these

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trie organs of certain fish, and the nerves and muscles of living animals.

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anxious and short ; deep inspiration caused stitch in the breast

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deed, some live to an advanced age without becoming phthisieal,

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had been dissolved, also proved to be toxic for mice. Heating the

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erally of leather, and to the leather washers used to

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inferior turbinals, can be removed either at the time of o]ieration or a few days

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few days; some are not observed for a long time, and unques-

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compresses, but they reappeared as soon as the compresses got warm. The patient

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from day to day ; the tem))erature of the body be comes

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161; 241; 321; 401: sliv, 61; 112; 194; 268. — Reboul.

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in the mediastinal lymphatic glands. (Specimen Xo. 1838 from the Museum of

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unfortunate occurrences of this sort which could not be

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cells of vertebrate and invertebrate hosts. Human para-

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Operations.— X. Delorei reports the sudden death, from

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quiet, the chances for recovery are much enhanced, the ener-

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to which it leads. These (which will be elsewhere more fully considered)

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1. In the non-ulcerated papules, in the spleen, in the tymphatic

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a favorable position. The labor was probably brought on by the gradual

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his epitaph should have but one line — "He fed fevers!"

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only such lesions of these parts as are now thought by the most pro-

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ordered by him ; from a transoceanic Army transport to the medical

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operations; 92 useful eyes out of 98 extractions, is

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that a mere secondhand r^sum^ of their labours^ such as this

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primary seat of the disease may be in the rectum, which

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at my surgical infirmary, in which I was assisted by my cousin

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notable change in the nim[iber of leucocytes, but it was ob-

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tury, Chicago, 1893, i.404.— Wolfcnden (R. N.) A simple

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