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and its products, while it instantly destroys all living germs,

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logical process is essentially the same in both classes of patients,

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vented or made futile several attempts to provide a

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There are probably not more than fifty breeders in Argentina who

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many years, the average duration being a year, or, according to Wilks, a

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blanche, authorizing them to treat all diseases with which the human race fs afflicted.

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afraid of an ordinary walk. I do not ask you to stay in the house

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t.'c-ni,il i..ndi;i(.n- f. .r ilnii >.'i-. .w tli ..nd d,.'\ .'l.^pnu-tu.

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cases in which it has hitherto been employed, and which I have here cited,

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associates, so as to afford the party the greatest probability of suc-

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was the religion of Hellas, which afforded complete satisfaction to the

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Hofgartenkaserne. In 1894-95 their mortahty was 80.5 per thousand,

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catheter, alternating with Schulze's method of artificial respiration. These were

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See 8pc€lale di S. Verdiana in Castelfiorentino. Rela-

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fragmented portions, and that, along with other changes, was sufficient

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in which, of course, the dye (instead of oxygen) becomes the final

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hands while residing at 9 E Street, Inman Mills. It is possible, how-

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{Conjoint meeting with the Obstetrical Society to inaugurate the ne-m

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come faint, and in exceptional cases inaudible. 2. Trans-

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in general, the patients who consented to wear them for at least

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quelques auteurs, il faut attribuer la vieillesse anticipee, et la mort de Bebe."

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kidney, rarely in the lung and other organs; (d) the form of

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ments. Between these fungus threads are numerous lympho-

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A smaller one was substituted, but last winter this, too, was

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Several years ago the late Dr. Frederick A. Packard published a paper

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successive dilatation of separate vesicles, or, as it is sometimes

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to be subsequently returned to its normal position."

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such houses as Duncan & Flockhart, of Edinburgh ; the Mai tine

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•Dd c, the BhrivtHcd piece of the Ueum, projecting from the ileo-OBcal valve, d.

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formed, which was opened above the pubes, and continued to discharge for several months.

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the ease or ditliculty of procuring specimens ; as in

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the voting paper, yet several committed the mistake of leafing

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day after the galvanic sitting, I made six faradic apjilica-

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therefore the functions of the latter may be disturbed by a lesion in the

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