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The Treatment should consist in giving an emetic or

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of Medicine in all sections of this country will be pleased to learn

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was at its minimum (95-60 9 ), copious hemorrhage took place

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ganglia, and in both Gasserian ganglia. The spinal cord showed

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been instinctively imitated by his most successful fol-

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on only as a secondary effect of this pretended compression, which

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H. Baker, of Boston. (II) Operations upon the Uterine Append-

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been first tamponed. All of the eight mothers recov-

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The Wassermann test on the blood gave a strongly positive reaction.

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General Ludendorff in his subsequent " Memories," 1919, i, p. Ill : —

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again by J. Baxter Emerson, of New York, in his able paper,

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■,-^''^l7-Ky^r^^-^^^. ^ Tiley has resigned the Third District ;

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Diagnosis. — The coma of apoplexy must be distinguished

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ral points connected with wliicii we should like to allude, if our space al-

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Committee. I think they ought to stand, so as to give the

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through a Chamberland candle (sterilized in the autoclave at 115° C).

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concludes that in a certain proportion of cases the relief

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of typhoid bacilluria that the health of the public has most to

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1894-5, xxi. 504-511. Also. Reprint. . Treatment of

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regurgitation. What do you think of her electrocardiogram?

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was an opening in the intestine, by making a counter-

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influence of arsenic and iron upon the regeneration of the blood

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tion, and is accompanied by it in more than 80 per cent, of the cases.

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be a poor one if it were true, but it is not true. With the

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apparatus or projected at a greater distance, according to

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leaving the fluid in the abdominal cavity after laparotomy. Bach of

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with the appendages, and convalescence was uncomplicated.

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right to pollute streams used for public water-supplies

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value. More than this, it is sure to prove an exceed-

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Lastly, fistulas of the ureter, which cannot be cured in any other manner, also

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If any one of these propositions can be established in full, the thief

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tnmonr at each pulsation of the arteries. There was no cardiac affection and no

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months, with considerable regularity, she would sicken and would not be relieved

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ing disorder and decline that few of us would envy.

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