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for each meal being 700 gm. of whole milk, 40 gm. of butter and 100 gm. of soda
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membrane, or to deilcient nutrition, is not very clear. Most diseases of
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directory will be of value to the layman as a mailing-list
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Ann. Soc. de m6d. d'Anveis, 1892, liv, 184. — l>n<ion.
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addressed an inquiry to the Lord President to know whether
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stores on the principal street ("Ginza") of Tokio, who
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this plant which becomes especially adapted^ hy this cultiva-
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support the enactment on a national level of gun control
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ployed to secure relaxation and retention in obtaining rest
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of the usual type of youthful irregularity already described.
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statement respecting the effects of vicissitudes of
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Arlt did not assume that the function of accommodation rested
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The first phenomenon to be remarked by the patient is the absence of all
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enthusiasm, however, being a little cooled by inquiry and
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ach ulcer, because the pains are in the stomach. This '
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There is little to be offered in the way of treatment in pulmonary and
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Symptoms on Admission. — On admission, respiration is impeded by interrupted
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gaO-etoncs nuy have beoi inesent and have passed before the operation {tiit
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In many subjects, an undigested meal, of food either inordinate in
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or more common, namely, that in which recurring attacks of increased
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Parliament, and on no previous occasion has the Pro-
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and his assistant were anxious to prove beyond a doubt the cer-
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the opacity so advanced or situated {e.g., at the posterior pole
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The elections of the Paris Faculty of Medicine terminated a few
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ately, ordered distilled '^ater to be used for preparing the infu-
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availed. I am now taking enormous doses of quinin. ... I
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rubber drainage tubing, one end of which has lateral fenestrations but a closed tip
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take part in it. A choral festival in the Cathedral opened the
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you had better not return it, unless you can be sure that
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today, namely : i. High amputation, or exsection by the
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lips. The teacher must be familiar with them himself, must show them to
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mass strongly outward and downward and quickly clipped away
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cera. Of the cranial ganglia the older writers seem to have had
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■of the plaintiff's leg. Trofcssor Halford. lYesident of the Societv, took the
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The following physicians were granted licenses by written examination

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