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journal. This morbid condition, or diathesis, which bears the reception of

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of acetic acid iiM ii H«fe and cHicient Hubstitute for corro»ivc-8ubliiiiatc

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tf-^^Xo Xvi^j (JV U£tJ» oLL^J2_*A^tjC> fo<JLA^<_*_^A^, /L&^j-r+,JLtK) yUULj

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members of a family of which some children are at school.

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anorexia, or there may be no disturbances of the appetite.

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couples him in his mind with those necessary but inevitable evils, death

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erated, nor is the disease as likely to be communicated.

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when, with a different culture, that same mind might be hourly feasting on

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with liberal tendencies may find medicine and medical

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of mercury, the prospect of early death is by no means imcertain — death

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creased, showing that the lungs are distended with air;

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ridge by the pressure of one's thumb. The double festoon, and the

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fever is usually distinguished, from that of septic origin by

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follicles are enlarged and discharge pus. Although a

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terior world in such a manner, that it is capable of obtaining a view of its ever-changing

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medullary region scarcely justified further trial. In cases seen at an early

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9th, Dr. Laurens T. Postell, of Plaquemine, La., and Miss

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Speight, J. A., Rocky Mount; Univ. of Louisiana, 1914; U.N.C 1915 1916

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3. Although the diaphragm is generally classed among

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ternal ulcerated surface with the medicine, after which 1

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expect with confidence as a third day visitor, and their

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brings discredit to surgery and makes people hesitate to submit to it.

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cut water, and which grow so rapidly and liquefy the

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•even to such an extent that the liquid returns by the nose, and the

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(From the Department of Pediatrics, New York Nursery and Child's Hospital and

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session will present techniques from experts that will help you increase efficiency in your own practice.

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' The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,

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Bell, G. Resection of the small intesti»e for war wounds. Jour. Roy. Army

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