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discovered it was nothing more than acute suppuration of the
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his own views in governing action. Out of his profession he was
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Before I conclude, I wish to record my testimony in favour
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of surface may be readily distinguished, and the extent of the
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confidence of the Council more perfectly, and to a fuller extent
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was extended to associates and to patients. He cordially advised
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duction. In this case, however, the section of the tumour, the
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enlarged heart, with evidences of sclerosis at the aortic ring (rough sys-
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Colloids maintain the solution of crystalloids in the following man-
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Our author very properly observes, that " gout, even in its
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formed by dissecting it off up to the base and then insert-
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edge, is that the essential morbid condition existing in tlie latter variety in a
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taining Many Modern Discoveries, Original Observations, and Numerous Anec-
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The Medical Board for I967 had a new chairman and two new members. There were
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common enough, and yet we never meet with stricture
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prevail. The benefits to be derived to the city from the changes and
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year are S267,477. The number of military posts requiring
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changes within the thorax. I merely introduce them to you
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the witnesses seemed to take for granted the present
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operate under such circumstances seems to me needlessly to
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she either could not or would not make the effort to speak — I rather think the
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in pneumonia; alcohol is of especial value in those per-
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}ic American Mrfliral Time», that Dr. Cutter, from Massachusetts,
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Society of Physicians at Vienna ( Wiener Med. Blatter),
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or successfully treated as disease had been before. Quinia, which was
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perusal of my several papers, in the Lancet, he would
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it did not suit him. He certainly did get thinner, but his health,
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of the larynx incident to the labored breathing, and the acts of vomiting
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resections of the ribs especially at their apex. The guest of the
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mencement of the attack comprises all the time allowed us for the
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measures, the average duration of life W'as thirteen to
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at its most dependent part,, at the outer aspect of the
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to the local affection ; in other words, evidently not being sjmptomai
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tendon-sheaths, subcutis, dewlap and brisket ; intestinal
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whirling dancer will demonstrate his ability to stop dead still sud-

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