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pause, or in cases where illicit intercourse has occurred followed by fear of

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needle for ordinary cases. I doubt not tliis needle will

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placental vessels has ceased, who will say that the placenta

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three legs and bring the toe down when he gets warmed up again.

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interesting materials than the United States. The increase

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Rutland's "Wisconsin Eclectic Medical College", and the "Independent Medical

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animals recover where one lung only is diseased ; and that the

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rial disease of the lymphatics in which a number of adult

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commencement in the science of parturition was possible.

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may be in the receptive mood it is necessary to become as familiar as is

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Though this growth is apparently so f6arful in its ap-

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catalog systeoQ. The cards are kept in a cabinet, each

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at th(^ normal school now secures special preparation for any

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distorted Joints, a peculiar, senile pallor, or muddi-

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with their affection. Glittering generalities founded on

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1111 North Lee. Oklahoma City. OK 73103 If no answer 949-5067

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pregnation. Sometimes certainly, perhaps usually, a portion of it

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Dr. Melchoir Magelssen was born in Christiania (Oslo), Norway, in April,

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The i)atient progressed splendidly without a rise of tem-

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should encircle about two thirds of the limb. The spiral bandage

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of successive layers of lymph or fibrine, or inspissated cancers. It exactly re-

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weeds of nepotism have found no congenial soil in our

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an increased amount is excreted. Diacetic acid is probably of graver signifi-

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accord with all the ordinary hygienic notions of the

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M. Gaz., Sydne.y 1898, xvii, 331-333. —McFarlaiid (J.)

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while the iodid alone, which was tried first, was rather inef-

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seat of fracture subcutaneously by means of Adams' saw for

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side, particularly if tastefully gloved. Her " physique" is probably toler-

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much irritated that it has begun to affect seriously

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in three receptacles it will be clear in the second and third, due to the fact that

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5. Pain Assessment, a) Onset of pain, b) Site and charac-

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plates. Cloth, $2.75, net. Lea Brothers & Co., Publishers, Philadelphia

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quent ablution of the bladder. On the following morn-

avodart flomax side effects xulane

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