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the practice of stuffing bedding with such material

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pendicitis, a somewhat gradual obstruction developeq„g

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Tumor, specimens of an orbital, 295 ; ovarian, 207,

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Localisation of JVesfphal's symjdoui : — We.siphal. Arch. f. Psych, xvii. and xviii.

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has been experimentally demonstrated^ that incised wounds of the cornea

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the alcohol habit not only when at the breast but during fetal life. In

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of the caecum with fa3cal material — solid, semi-solid, liquid, gaseous.

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in full. The post-mortem findings are given in several cases.

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he had seen it from sacro-iliac disease, which he be-

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be avoided in making metallic oleates, as the acid easily reduces the

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ulcers involving only the mucous membrane, the existence of

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attributed to the induction of cerebral amemia the heart stopping in

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the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal and the American Medical Almanac.

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idea is that eclampsia is an intoxication and that there is not

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signs attributable to cholelithiasis or cholecystitis; pain in the right

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haemorrhage, but to sear over the denuded surface which

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his complaint was the tic douloureux, and advised him to un-

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the world has been regulated by law. In this connection various

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Wm. Shoemaker, a^t. 54, was admitted into the Pennsylrania Hospital,

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to notice the statement made by Mr. Brodhurst, in a letter

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or supposed (as the case may be) to have heen dead in iitero. 4. The

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phthisio- therapeutists — Brehmer, with his graded prome-

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amounts of feces it can be recovered completely (97 to 100 per

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ness amid shadowy tissues; when perfectly round they

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and those which still survive are far advanced in atrophy. It may be

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column. A palpable tumour is never an early symptom ; but ultimately a

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from those of the mother, as mistakes might arise where

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agony, and, later on, straining violently, as if to void faeces.

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been the case, in a large city, the locality selected at the charming

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possessed of prodigious astuteness, cleverness, and staunchness ;

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Lender the title Chloasma, Mr. Wilson has confounded two entirely

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mouth, tongue, tonsils, pharynx, vulva, vagina, penis, and around the anus),

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ranging from twenty-one to thirty-four days, there ap-

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any agency for the cure of bodily ills save those which were of the

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is the maximum of arable land which can usefully form a field for

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of the tumour is clearly demonstrated by definite and distinct localising

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years with the alcohol question. It is not to be wondered at that

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