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worked out. Interested parties and their families are invited
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cing draughts prescribed. Two days afterwards, the epigastric tender-
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inches of gangrenous ileum in the hernial sac and general
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♦Lbcturbs on PBACTiCAii SuKOERY. By fl. H.Toland, M. D. Second
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is a deficiency disease, we have been in total ignorance as to which
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brushing, or still more eSectually by applying dilute muriatic acid ; otherwise
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it does not occur in all cases of the disease is clearly
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he arrived, the child had been born about three quarters of an hour, and the
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than under the complex conditions existing in towns, where it would be difficult
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Intra-oterine transmission of rabies is made by the blood-vessels : Perroncito,
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attention. The influence of the discipline and routine of a large asylim
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the former case there is an excess of fat in the fluids of the body, in
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The data set was found adequate to extract data from the
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others and that this is due to the large amount of fibrous tissue that
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submitted to the action of a continuous vapour-bath. After
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not wise to control this avenue of propagation without unduly pressing
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on different regions of the walls of the stomach varies greatly
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those cycles of its visitation which are as yet beyond our com-
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late stage at which patients apply for relief, but topical depletion is
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most of the time and the condition was aggravated. No
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medical centers of Europe. And I have sometimes thought
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Make one enema, and repeat it as often as the tenesmus
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increased so much that for several nights in succession
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the book, but the author's enthusiasm for the subject of infant feeding
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vive the night. However, some stimulants having been admin-
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have furnished. Consanguinity has doubtless the power of aggra-
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The eyes did not exhibit, on examination, any change,
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which to introduce a drain. The same is essentially true of the upper

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