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yawning, and stretching out their limbs frequently.
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tiple neuritis, paralytic dementia or cerebrospinal syphilis is
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law Board should have power to establish such schools in
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paralysis. The general paralysis thus started by delirious mania is Tiot
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when the urea nitrogen falls. On a diet rich in proteins the creatinin
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muscles are lacerated and torn up from their connexions;
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exercise of this most responsible department of medicine, we
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Dr. Ord had placed before them more forcibly perhaps
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so broad as the head, but in the adult nearly twice as large. The
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been so far successful, that a sufficient amount has
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bowels, teething, worms, constipation, etc. It may be caused by
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" How far, by a process combining the slowness of the
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investigation. Both cases were associated with suppuration, and in one
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one would expect, bearing in mind individual peculiarities of nutrition,
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tunity was offered by which the specialist in preventive
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rett, Charlotte. Discussion opened by Dr. L. B. McBrayer.
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where vitality is at too low an ebb to take up the intri-
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much less than Frank's, but the swelling is greater.
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either by proliferation from the healthy central end, or by re-excitation of
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this manner at the Hygienic Institute at Berlin, and found
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blood through an inflamed, congested, and oppressed organ,
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salutary cflTect from the remedy ; in four cases the circiunstances render it
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iTt'ast'iJ iinioiiiit of (lolificiitly oxyf^i'iialcd |ii'oiliii-(s in I in- iirini'. Tiu!
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Constitutional treatment of gleet. Internal remedies
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Eighth Annual Announcement of the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania, located in
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he will find a bed or couch spread with blankets. He
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vial membrane, the muscles of the joint and the skin over
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beautiful blue of the prussiate of iron appearing immediately. He tben killed
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who came from all parts to visit the land of his birth returned with
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ties of antiquity. This is epilepsy, shorn of all mystery.
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the schools of one county, spending five days in the work, making a
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tube to be passed as high as possible. Soon after she began to pass
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every patient who could not be properly looked after at
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tubes 11-20, slide No. 20 tubes 201-210, etc. On a ruled sheet was
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himself, in 1799, received an inoculation on the hand and died of pul-
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tion. In the experiments which form the basis of this article, the inquiry

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