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children from crowded and insanitary tenement districts. The mortality

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In the neuralgise of tabetic patients it seemed to fail entirely. In

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The opinion is expressed that the reaction of the epithelial cells progresses

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duced against their being made final ; and more especially,

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nurse ; the patient, thinking her comfort would be promoted, insisted

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of hypertrophied cellulo-adipose tissue. Griesinger found that in

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pounds and a quarter, was bom. The patient had several convulsions during the

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is reason to believe that, if not associated with valvular lesions, they may

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The pre>«nt volume is fully as admirable In its me-

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by hounds, they are capable of transmitting the contagium to their

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1 dry hands. He should wear a clean outer garment, which should be kept in a

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ment is necessary. In suppurative nephritis and pyelonephritis with the

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from pressure on the nerves at the side of the vertebral column.

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ment for care of military dependents in 1962. Along

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The rough surfaces have hitherto been kept asunder by the

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tract such matter as are soluble in that fluid. The

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and almost sudden recovery. Arch. Surg., Lond., 1890-91,

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conipart'd with fresh ^lyccu'in r(^sulted as follows:

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quence of lateral curvature in the lumbar region of the spme^

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education was obtained in the public schools of his native town,

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seeing hypotheses perverted into dogmas and practical rules

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worth while to try again and make a good fight. There

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ever, the general health may be excellent and the condition without

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incision, probably by Kocher's method ; (3) the head of the humerus should,

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spaces between the sutures ai'e very wide ; the lateral portions of the

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nausea, the vomiting of bile-stained matter, and severe headache ; the

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1622. The urine is passed frequently, and often with pain;

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quency, the cheeks are flushed, and the skin is hot ; the pulse

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given for a more full and direct study of the transposition than

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violence or long duration a tolerable prefage of the

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At open meetings the Society endeavors to have as speakers, such men as are

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time showed itself on the left side of his nose. He desired

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phenomena of idiocy have now been sufiiciently detailed to enable us to say

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it should be excised with the knife or deeply incised in a crucial direc-

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