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ening of the vessel- walls, due to infiltration of the adventitia with leukocytes. In

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In Masta's case, there was malarial toxin as an excit-

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an effort to which he himself attached much importance, dealing as it

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or irido-cyclitis is accompanied by plastic exudations beliind

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Medical Congress, held in the city of Mexico, on November 18th,

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In so far as the experiments of the antiseptic value of

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power of the heart, and as involving a liability to the accidents just stated.

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liicli the apparatus is packed has a false bottom, and

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medullary region scarcely justified further trial. In cases seen at an early

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heart. Even when congestion is added to the chronic interstitial nephritis,

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and all the tendons of the wrist; sloughing had de-

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the use of rontgenograms of the heart to base conclusions on findings

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sole cause of the disease, are so rife under a particular epidemic

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nasi, lips, and chin may be enormously swollen and tense, studded with

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1:. Dii nut he di-appiiintcd willi eaiKnr e\ en late failures. W'lierever

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The Vice-President (Dr. Atthill) said, in explanation, he looked

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work in salaried positions, often within for-profit organiza-

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As she was suffering greatly from dyspnoea, which almost prevented her from

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by Westphal, and later by Raymond (1892). They were present seventy-

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death speedily follows. The direction, next in frequency, which the pus

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The most common form of fatal typhlitis is that connected with per-

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solution ; six grammes of this mixture is the equiva-

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bance, which (however advantageous the results of the

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dominal ti'phua as a faiglier grade, cxanthematic trphus as a tovcr

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63. — Wehr, as the results of experiments carried out on

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mouth, the lower jaw coining in contact with the upper and be-

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speak favorably as to its practical utility. By the aid of

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the proportions m Which the elements forming the acid are. combined*

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feet, was dull mentally, and all her actions were sluggish. She was weak

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she was free from all symptoms, eating all food, and left

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The secretary then read the minutes of the previous meeting.

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female) was attacked with acute intlammation of the tonsils, which

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