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without soiling or wetting the clothing. The metal disc is
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makes the commencement of his illness the loth. Was
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second patient, a woman of 43, who suff"ered from a unilateral
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lupulin. Gastric secretory neuroses of all forms and degrees are usually
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the most exact otoscopic examinations cannot differentiate with certainty the sub-
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bosis of the periprostatic plexus of veins, pyelitis, pyeloneph-
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in gummata and oedema of the larynx. In syphilitic cicatrization
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The word "Pharmacology" has been used to cover many
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eclampsia, delayed chloroform poisoning and phophorus poisoning,
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since irrigation has become an actual treatment it seems more
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pigeon's egg. The heart microscopically showed segmenta-
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a few drops of liquor potassse, 10 or 15, or a little bi-
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Four Years Course — Two at Davidson, two at Charlotte*
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would appear that some injury was done to one retina, for after
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clearing out the hemothorax the edges of the hole in the
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be removed. This is unquestionably true. But the accelera-
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factory one. It ought to mean an excessive flow of sebum, but in many
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the child perfectly quiet and free from every disturbing influence, of noise
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2. The paralysis is at first more or less complete, slight move-
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denuding areas of the lung surface, opening up new avenues for
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spcciul motor tract of the spinal cord, commencing and continuous upwards
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the bladder — no difficulty in inducing an ordinary sized ca-
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sections submitted by Mrs. Scharlieb and are of oi)inion that the
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sterno-mastoid and sterno-hyoid and sterno-thyroid muscles were
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The act of blushing was, in fact, a sudden shock to the vaso-
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at first be caused by th,e remission. The period of time occuj^ied by
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from flushes and flatulence, and that her husband (too
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rowing; the sows run in blue-grass pasture all winter, and I try to make them walk
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lera and its preventive treatment ; the fourth, a case of Disar-
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dren,'' among the prodromata of rachitis. But the fact, that numerous
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ure of equal parts of cow's milk and water' the stomach
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After describing the beauty of the scenery and its luxuriant vegetation, he
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upper third, six in its middle third, and in four in the lower third.
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Now as the patient's circulation had improved and the pulse
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large masses of people collected together, should be so
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" The diagnosis of general paresis," says Griesinger,
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sounds. In these cases conditions either of excitation or paralysis within the semi-
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tunity would put Dr. Vallin's views to the test of careful

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