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special act, be they pain or spasm, is not easily mistaken. As already

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Buret, H. Traumatismes Cranio-Cerebraux . . {_Lib. Felix Alcaii) Frs. 75

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len, the eyes are closed, the features are distorted. The patient com-

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lution. The parts adjacent to the vulva and the exposed

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bands of transverse fibres, constituting the commissures connecting the

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While in the tub the pulse usually becomes small and there may be

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the infirmary, only one of them recalled any previous car

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of a screw, which should have a ring or flat top, so as

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the little finger, and in the same relative position with the left kidney

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to elucidate. The lecture served as a memorial of his late

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The various methods of treating anal fissure may, for

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profession, — author of the first great work upon Hernia, also a

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after Rosving's method on three occasions, and only <>ne was a cure.

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the person not as a case of phthisis, but as a pauper. But,

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i boon Incubation on i blood agai plita inoculated irltta 0.1 cc oi Mrum culture

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Scoliosis. See Spinal Cord; Syringomyelia— Spine,

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permits of their passage, he finds in the salinity of the fluids

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regarding, 52; deficiency of officers in, 109 ; recom-

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ing lassitude and desire to sleep, which, if indulged,

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soap may not be a medium in which germs could fl lurishi

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ably tubercular to a certain degree, even some of them much more

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The stasis in the vessels induces rupture of the capillaries, here and

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other type of problem were excluded from the study. An

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In this valley the maximum temperature is 90 degrees,* but the ever-

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ral Hospital, at Baltimore, Md., which is designed to be

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symptoms were unnoticed and suffered to proceed. The tender-

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not aggregated so as to form the compact masses or radiate structures

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cathode distance). A filter of 4 mm. aluminium and two layers of tungstate

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has been cut off, the district su]>plicd by the arteries ligatured

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ozone and peroxide of hydrogen exercise upon one another,

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repeated a few times. Or a decoction (tea) of common Garlic (AUium

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which however detracts nothing from its consequence, to

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