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diarrhoea and occasional vomiting, accompanied by vari-

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hospitals of Alexandria, Georgetown and Washington, as a prolonged

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upon complete rest in bed, prohibiting everything of an exciting

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amorphous, non-nitrogenous substance, which forms the

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the cold pack. The child was five years of age, and

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medical block, as it at present exists, was erected. In the

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have recorded a series of 1,000 surgical breast cases

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Gastric Ulcer: J- Henry Schroeder, in the American Journal of

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my honor to, if necessary, prove them to be faLsej,

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when removing a tonsil in this way, had had the misfortune

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tion may be due to personal carelessness — first, in the selection

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nuscle is not relieved, and its action is not attended with

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tendency to minute, acute liemorrhages which are (Htt'usely scattereil and

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calls attention to this subject. He tells us that, ac-

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The patient presenting neurasthenic headache presents in

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July 9th, at 1 p.ii. President-elect: William Paley, M.D.

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rounded by sterile towels. A finely tempered needle,

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within the bronchi and smaller air passages may prevent the entrance

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Dr. James F. Mitchell collected fourteen hundred cases from various

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the cavity may be quickly cleared of all mascropic infective ma-

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conditions necessary for the Finsen light cannot be produced.

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first case, so far as he could ascertain from investigation into

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were reversible upon discontinuation of both drugs. Although a causal relationship has not been established, it is recom-

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formed by the rapid juxtaposition of the fingers of one

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having eaten her dinner a short time before the fatal occurrence. The kidneys

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the judgment and the power of controlling the will may be

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devoted to clinical examination of the kidney, movable and

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any thing yet discovered for the removal of all the dis

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than being the result, as in the case of the giant-cells of morbid change ?

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and disinfection close to the wells, as originally intended.

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placement, or rehabilitation of accredited public or

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been described by an American tourist, who thinks he has

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relation to public health in factories, mines, and public places. The

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