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correct. The influence, however, of former views remained powerfiil

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tained about half an ounce of bloody serum and a small knuckle of

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wards he could see almost as well as eight years before. With this eye

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made the subject of a supplementary enactment, a sound basis having

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registration of the women brought under the operation of the Act. This is one of

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have passed an Examination in General Knowledge, in conformity witli

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the great advance of art and science in every direction ; and it is re-

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opposed to the fact, and that in the first two months the ovum was

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factory and practical aspect. The first meeting to organise the proposed

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innominate. The haemorrhage was the result of weakening of the walls

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either Practice or Clinical, at option of student), § Principles and Prac-

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the patient has suffered from a paralytic seizure at some period of his

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six months, ^16 los. Physicians' and Surgeons' Practice separately,

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At a general meeting of the Association held at Leeds, July 28th,

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it. Since all reasoning would lead us to assume the origin of living

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ology ; (2) Lyell's Principles of Geology ; (3) Elementary Lectures :

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as to establish the remarkable coincidence which obtains between low

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purging have ceased, liquids taken into the stomach are rapidly ab-

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within which they can present themselves. It is very desirable that all


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to Sir William Armstrong; to the Sheriff; and to the Local Secre-

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characteristic of the temperature of the insane, however, is the rising

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of study may from time to time be approved of by the College, will be

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3, Practice of Medicine and Pathology ; 4, Surgery ; 5. Alidwifery. As

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ments which northern and central Africa present. North of the belt

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ward by M. Chauveau and by himself, is referred to by Dr. Sanderson

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town is under the Local Government Act, and the area for municipal

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Candidates who shall not be able to produce one or other of the fore-

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by the more invigorating and bracing Mediterranean stations ; its soft and

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position. The result was perfectly satisfactory, and he thought that

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