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attention to the impaired professional. It will allow us to

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to a number of them, the latter of what is peculiar to indi-

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the spinal cord as the seat of the disease. Treatment directed

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typhus to be added to the list. There are probably very

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weapons, the great probability is that one or both would be

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sustain the velum will of course complete the defective part

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and simple development of the isolated glands of the large.

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that nearly all occur in children in which the three-fourths

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Several informational items were presented by Dean Krog-

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from superovulation. J Steroid Biochem 1987;27:15-23.

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3. Kazal LA, Erslev AJ: Erythropoietin production in renal tumors.

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in the invoice at two pence sterling per pound; but it has

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which can resist such continued applications without con-

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Pitting from Small-pox. — Dr. EenJle, of Park Hill, Clapliam

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original as far as he knew, and who, when he learned

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idiopathic fevers, and the symptomatic were fully recognized.

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rcDorted several cases on which he had {performed hemi-

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found his patient entirely relieved. {Med. and Surg. Report,

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no good reason why quinine should not be absorbed through an

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notices, what the London Lancet calls an ingenious explan-

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possibility of occult malignancy in my working differen-

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of the elongation noticed in the case of Mrs. S. is familiar to

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more natural. I gradually reduced the size of the dose and

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mon to many diseases, and which may with great proprie-

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verted into a case of partial prolapsus. To relieve which it

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j F. Gutch, H. Lee Ahrlin, James Collins, Larry Meyer, Paul

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in large cities, but such directions will be of little use in the

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dients, and upon effervescence taking place, the cork was

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average of only eighteen seconds before interrupting

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might claim, though locked in her own treasury, she taxed

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tion throughout his life." Ideally the student should be

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These were given through the night; and in the morning

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in teaching the elementary principles of morals, that they

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