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the efficacy of our means of treatment, yet the disease is so dangerous, it»
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Now, as to the question of transplantation of the testicle. I have been
cephalexin dosage for dogs ear infection
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of obstruction of the bowels like this ? " my answer was,
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Now, especially through the efforts of Dr. E. G. Janeway, its pathogno-
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thirteen years' tenure of office as Visiting Physician to
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adaptable for this purpose. The opening can be made a& large as
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the epidermis, and commence to fill with milky serous fluid. The face
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in his earlier practice he was unaccustomed, and which he cannot trace t<?
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mal weighing 300 gr., the strength of the serum is as
keflex 500 mg std
Boston Miutical aiui Surgical Journal, October 11. igoo.
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females: but in adults and old persons, there is a better chance of recovery.
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any deformity perceptible. The clavicle appeared to
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times absent, and the latter phenomenon may depend upon
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name tuberculous or tubercular meningitis. It has also been called
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advisable if the pressure of the lens was thing else has been pissed, excepting some
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equal to 200 grains of Gelsemium, or 200 drops of the fluid
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septic douche of sublimate or lysol seems to give satisfactory
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of the sacrum, the margins of the os uteri, and the exact position of the
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the council in the room of Dr. R. Saundby, resigned. Ips-
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exclusive power to represent the interests of the Connecticut
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of Health to bring about this desirable result. Boards appointed by poli-
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Schmoll ^^ more recently calls attention to the need, in many
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uses for flagyl and keflex
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years, another ten years, and another five years. None
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venously at 11.10 a.m. At 6 p.m. carotid pressure low. At 10.30 dog was
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In elucidating the functions of many parts of the body, it is neces-
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questrum. The opening was enlarged with a chisel, the seques-
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summer. This immunity he thinks may possibly be due
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which are the result of specific and peculiar action, which are
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I Read liefore the St. Louis Me lico-Cliirurgical Society, St. Louis
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T A Few Useful Points In the Symptomatology of Eye Dlaeaset
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cellular multiplicative forms in the stomach of a flea examined more
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asked to do so. Payment should, of course, follow notifica-
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presence in the liver, heart, and kidneys. {Medicinische Jahr-
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(2) Foreign Bod}-, a Nail Two Inches long, in the Left Bronchus of a
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the distension of the abdomen disappeared as the ha;morrhagic or
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of the different characteristics of the 3 malarial species, which can be noted in a
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sion of the physiological cell-function, an effort of nature
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lasted several hours — a very remarkable increase in the
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cases each d.iy is over twenty, with a high death-rate.
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Amador, R. A., contract surgeon, will proceed upon the expiration of
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14 tpypenum, H. 18 senne, B. 17 fcicsan, H. B. 18 hape, B.
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are so profoundly septic and the degree of cardiac ex-
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to the Hotel JJieu, left her with the Saiirs de ChariU. She has since

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