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that a man shall be able to accomplish more in half an hour,

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more or less in accord with the above syihptom -groups.

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partment of our art, namely, diagnosis, McDowell declared that she had an

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stimulation of the skin of the abdomen by a hot-water bag with a temperature of 80°-90° C.

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concludes that in a certain proportion of cases the relief

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some of the poor old creatures on whom we are forced,

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out of the way, and influences its treatment by its

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myself informed in regard to their whereabouts and condition,

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I may be carried out with one of the following solutions :

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may fling off from itself something of therapeutic value.

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from indigestion or acute diarrhoea. It is often beneficial,

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one essential diagnostic point is the presence or absence of friction sounds.

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Campagna of Rome. The air is filtered of its disease-germs by pass-

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etc., followed this injection. In 1899 the injection

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hemorrhagic. In some descriptions "ulcers" have been mentioned,

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tioned, will say that their eyes are all right This, of

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That which women wish to attain by bandaging, prevention of a too

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hind, showed a resistance of the extensor group of mus

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violently; if he lies down carefully, let him do so and roll.

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Fig 1. Rate of ACL injury per 1,000 athlete exposures from Reference 7

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the size of a pigeon's egg. The bile-ducts were dilated and

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The iirst step consists in amputation of the cervix uteri up to the vaginal junc-

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by means of fomites, and by persons who themselves remain healthy,

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the saphenous opening so operation was advisei and perfornoed

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produced by it, interfering with the power of extending the

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area breaking down, since a cavity was evident afterward which

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properly directed and carried out, was perfectly success-

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still quite well when seen last at the end of January, 1913.

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dioxid tension in the alveolar air. as determined by the Plesch-Higgins

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vous symptoms which are often observed in the sequel (such as epi-

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tient pass through a second career, the eruption and other characteristic

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and within the main center the reflex process then takes an independent course.

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difference in luminosities is therefore marked even though it appears

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unblemished and high reputations whicli originally procured

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