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injury should be treated upon exactly the same sur-

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once asked not to bear down with the diaphragm, she obeyed immediately.

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Typhoid, and if diarrhoea should arise, the state of the abdomen

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care about the diet and bowels, are all matters of great importance.


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plete i^aralysis and ansesthesia of right half of body ; tongue deviates to right.

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ently the disease began in the eighth cervical and first

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alcohol with sulphuric acid in the presence of per-

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officious and meddlesome treatment, and address himself to soothe the

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for years have been hot beds for the bacillus of tuberculosis, and by persons carry-

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cine, but in the South they have no such opportunities.

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step-father or some of the boys had knocked her in the head

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patient. It consisted of a steel band, like a truss, covered with leather.

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The third cha|)ter is an interesting treatise on the

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you a diagram (Fig. 2), borrowed from Dejerine's recent work,

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the portal of entrance, which supports the inhalation theory for the

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pected to result from its employment. It is not a text-

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applicable to all insurances, whether large or small, at

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recovery, and (according to Erb) they have been known to last for as many

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as a generalization, and hence it is that we are justified, indeed

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corpuscles, and the formation of pigment from its hematin {Chw-

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Eleven injections of centrifuged extract of rabbits' fetuses ; 76 fetuses used.

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tin Academy of Mididnc, Cond- Med- R<r*'ord, Jao,, '7'^). y^\«^ atn

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were executed, precludes the necessity of any testimony re-

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carotids, accompanied with a hum in the veins of the neck,

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Residence for Invalids, at different Seasons of the Year. Post 8vo. cloth, ts. M

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times preceded by the symptoms of hydrothorax. However,

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is not applicable to typhus or typhoid fever. The division into varieties,

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tremulous, anxious, palpitation of the heart, extreme irritability of tem-

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perly, applied a warm poultice overnight. On the following morning 1 fuund

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The operation is performed by making a transverse incision

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reveals inflammatory changes only, when there is an underlying'

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ever, reassure the patient that the nerve will reunite

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He referred to some earlier writings in which he had

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schr., Wien, 1900, vii, 160-171. — Ginzburg (L L.) O

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writing /auottr and honour without a " u " obscures the witness

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keeps up a continual squealing and grunting, especially in the

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