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carefully studied and in part reconstructed, we are convinced that the
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The strains in group 1 fermented all the carbohydrates excepting saccharose
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structed the State Board of Health toinvestigate,the practica-
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eishmaniasis can only be surely made by the finding of Leishmanial
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or influence existing throughout the atmosphere, as, for in-
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this the breathing ceases after expiration, the face swells, the body
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this difference, that they are more often bilateral. Hydrothorax is often uni-
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provided with one long flagellum at the anterior end, at the base of
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are most distinctly seen in looking obliquely upwards.
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specimens ? here are ours." Dr. Johnson gallantly and cleverly defended
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optosis came under my observation that influenced me
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removal of the tumor was decided upon, and it was extirpated eighty
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the pease was less than that of the ration of pea meal and shorts.
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like hue closely resembling chlorosis, and has-been improved again by the first
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with but five cases, in four of which there was no dif-
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likewise, the spleen is considerably hypertrophied and softened, and the
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carbonate of ammonia. As his face also wore a haggard
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six months' course of either of these at the option of the stu-
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Suffice it to say here that the presence or absence of the exudation of
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is only in degree." — Philip on Symptomatic Fever, p. 39.
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3. The Atonic Type. — Loss of nerve energy uuiy imply
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malaria in children. Among others we may mention that of Borius,
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vided ends or establish a lateral anastomosis. Since Dr.
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wounds of the chest walls, in which the eosinophiles numbered 70.2
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post-mortem examination, one and one half gallons of pus were found in
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spondent from Durango says, that formerly about one-
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study sj^mptoms of glanders. The eye on affected side may have
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care and curative treatment of the suffering and destitute portion of
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was occasionally applied to the upper part of the right chest anteriorly, and* an
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clean and free from all offensive odor; the vaults shall be
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throat, one for diseases of women, a phyaiciaji for diseases
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[jually dealing in illusions and delusions. Perhaps
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surgical text-books that take any notice of it, direct
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on arrival in Manila to the commanding general, department of
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other hand, the hysterical manifestations, in some cases, simidute emotions
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somewhat greater than on the previous morning. The following
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at all, that morbid feelings and passions of exaltation show themselves.
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This consisted in bringing the edges of the two recti
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