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create bile, to constipate, to induce head-ache, cold feet, neuralgia, and want of
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syrup), except in patients with impaired consciousness, followed by the ad-
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Result of Operation for the Relief of Bow-Legs 639>
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i) \ n: (»i I* \ fMKNT. The date following the sub
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influence we have already described. The north-west (the maestro of the
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connection with an ash-free diet. When glycuronic acid is derived from
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description of any phenomena occurring in the course of the
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asexual period of multiplication in the blood, in the form of spirilla, the
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formity. In such, time must be given for dilatation which is slow
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reporting annually to the Counsellors, who are. empowered to fill aU va-
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onset of pneumonia ; and this may be accompanied by bilious
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It was not, however, only in Spain, or on leaving its shores,
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where it may be taken up with the waters of the gutter. It is a
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tered flame- shaped haemorrhages. Although in the majority of cases the
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dilute sulphuric acid, of whose general efficacy in the
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less; the situation of the pain viuies; there is no cough, no crepitus on
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however much it may encourage the patient. Climate,
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weaver ten years ago possibly tended ten machines, he now tends
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* Prepared and published at the request of the Coun-
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assured now that it will attain and maintain the position to
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epithelial cells themselves, and passes from them by a
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(From the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow.)
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It seemed clear, then, that the lines were due to air-
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look. Usually the diagnosis of acute peritonitis must be made with-
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placed uterus. She nursed the third child, with return
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ker (R.) Stiffness of the knee in fiactures of the thigh.
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is elaborated, into the posterior columns, which transmit it to the brain ;
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this method has been shown by the fact that in fifty-two control experiments
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fits which are daily resulting from this essential prebiO'
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fixes Its dues, and each County Association fixes its own. Tbe
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cases it abruptly rose with the incidence and quickly
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of calcareous matter. The delicate, tender web on the free edge of
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the Yellow fever of 1849, by the Editor of the Charleston
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the fourth (No. 3 in the series) the pulmonary involvement
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Although more frequently due to chronic affections, their occurrence in
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Three genera are accused of blood-sucking : Loptis, Symphoromyia, and
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striction which is required of the mere graduate of a
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pression is manifested by infants, or complained of by adults; and
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many sudden deaths directly produced by this irregularity.
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in the expired air was not possible, and that the death of the animals
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