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etherize the child, and perhaps, in conjunction with a
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treat. If the health officer personally conducts the clinic, I do
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Schneeberg and the Austrian Alps, near Scmmering — 2V2 hours by
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time between the third and eighth weeks. The earliest s^^nptoms are
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ornamentation. The grape cups may be of silver, gold,
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injuries of the brain and spinal cord and their meninges,
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old ; eighteen over ninety j fifty-one over eighty ; and forty-five over
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he is directing their attention to the uterus which one of the dissect-
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Abbotsford, Sir Walter Scott's seat, Melrose Abbey, Jedburgh Abbey, and roaming
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jlAjJiJU (L*r<L*-> Cv<_^rO t CU^^yJ (Xj cldtzAaj <U2^k~> txJ-^ VUjO SLe^-'i&^LJ
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deaths is found to be confiderably lefs in fome than in others ; as, for
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of this war will be laborious and extensive, especially
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in other diseases where giant cells are numerous. That Dr. Demme is
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The presence of Bacillus cerogenes capsulatus, the gas bacillus of
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was ^lad that Di. Ramsbotham «as present to night, and
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ure, moral, involving recreation as well as exercise, and keeping the mind
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sores by being dusted on them. Unslaked lime is valuable for disin-
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centimeters of the tuberculin subcutaneously ; they were closely
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List of Members arnDiged accurdiiuj to Date <>/ Election, xlvii
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described as occurring in France as late as within the last few years.
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case in which one drachm of morphia sulph. was taken
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separated by the glands in the sweat. Chromidrosis is then a func-
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Dr Gopal Govind Vatve, care of H.H. the Rajah of Mi raj
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disease to be observed must present a definite series of
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who were at first brave and full of energy became later

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