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tion, the singing class on Friday, is looked forward
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medicine as a science : such has been the opinion of
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specific can ever be expected to be discovered for a
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Saturday St. Thomas's, 1 p.m.— St. Bartholomew's, 1.30 p.m. —
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as possible; or not later than the 23rd instant, to
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Further on in the report, we read words addressed to
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and plaster, and furniture, and fire and fuel and meat
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tained, and we cordially agree with him, was no bad
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goods, office furniture, surgical instruments, libraries
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deaths and diseases tables may be looked upon as an
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like description, are beauties, surely, not blemishes, in L'ocke's
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doing the best or the worst they can, and it may be,
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which Dr. Gibson is — nominally, at all events —
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mission in the symptoms against morning. In spite of the
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J. R., aged 5 weeks (third child). The father informed me that bis
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tion of the question (as a matter of conscience and
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desirable to amend the said Act in several respects.
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guinal hernia, who came in, a few days ago, with in-
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one time associated with the more alai-ming symptoms
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tion toan upright man — the necessity of standingalone
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chamber at 55° was placed in communication with an
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were firmly closed, on separating them, the pupils were con-
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perfect blank ; doubtless insensible portions of the
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a time the iodide of potassium, with or without the
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Another sister, somewhat larger made, had had crani-
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tongue clean. She felt stronger since the operation.
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ing becomes impossible without crutches or supports
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necessity of administering stimulating enemata after
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most satisfactorily proved that the Csesareau section
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gency ; to be in telegraphic communication with the
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hopes which were entertained, a few years ago, that
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