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uric acid. In this respect alcohol behaves quite differently from an

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meager and one misses the pioneer articles of Becquerel and the

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chronic inflammation of the kidneys and bladder with very satisfactory results. It is

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The gauze packing was removed after forty-eight hours; a small gauze

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in sustaining the dignity, fellowship, and ethics as formulated in

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difficulty. Lister dressings were applied. The tempera-

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cases the upper branch is rarely affected. It is very uncommon for

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treatment of ib. Ii ides, unusual appearance of the .. 336

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least dropsical symptom marks an eventful period : it marks

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sulphur" in successive small quantities upon them until the

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tablishment may also be found a well selected assortment of Books in every de-

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offensive, generally small, some straining. I diag-

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facturers of artificial eyes, limbs, or orthopedical instru-

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pounds. It was not at first intended to include a comparative trial

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the patient instantly returns when moved ; the tendency to fall to one side

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any obvious change, when Professor Drake saw her. He

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administration of the physiological antidotes of atropin.

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it may be dried at a low temperature, and kept in the form of

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Gazi'itfi of last week it is stated that in 1.S53 Dr. Masfen obtained the

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mia ; and 2, as illustrating the sparcity of symptoms

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clear, even in severe cases, until within a few hours of

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tions. Many of these suites are beautifully furnished. A

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have declined the attempt had I known it was to ap-

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spinalis was laid bare and liatlied in pus, the medulla itself was un-

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