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distinction is often wanting between them altogether. The head is very
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cardiac extremity of the stomach the sigmoid flexure of the colon
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is known as no legitimate trade has been as yet opened
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this day and the cold application continued as usual night
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Another result of the portal obstruction is the pronounced
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Department St. Mary s Hospital London Consultant Radiologist
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detected extending diagonally downward and inward toward the navel variable
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The principal systems of dietary are those known by the names of
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made us familiar with these properties and their modus operandi. Here
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gall stones cause a fatal obstruction but usually the obstructions continue
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The methods of treatment resorted to for the cure of uterine
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which it was doubtful if the remedy was given regularly.
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gently followed out upon the earliest discoverable manifestations of
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This degeneration does not differ microscopically from that seen in scle
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diaphoretic powders for example had any new or strange
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Klein E. and Houston A. C Supplement to th Annual Report of the
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ment of Fractures of the Femur which was P t.pated n
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one sitting may often be necessary in the interval between
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of the physiology of digestion in the year the date
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ting the possibility of collapse taking place and atelectasis of the
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table the intestines even when not previously emptied protrude only to a
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him laboring under unilateral sciatica which had proved
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quent cause of acute obstruction and occurred m per cent of the cases
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preceding this stage it exhibited the various degrees of
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from fifteen days in midsummer to forty days in November when the
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given to the face. The eyelids remaining motionless on the para
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command and habitually take a nap of ten or fifteen minutes
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t La Risponsabilita del Governo Bella Salute Publica bj Pro
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Dysenteric diarrhoea following fever with costiveness which

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