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Schiff arranges in three series the interpretations aff'orded by those appearances.

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his jumping ahead, rearing up, or running away. If he is stub-

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Case I. — Peter H., aged thirty-seven years, a native of

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and e.xtends to adjacent structures through absorption or

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though he admits the specific nature of the tubercular virus.

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prompt and radical care of these cases. While it is true that the

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ducted by the tractus spinothal amicus and spinotectalis and possibly by

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sions, in addition to the use of purgative medicine, prescribing the mo-

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On motion of Prof. Maisch, of Philadelphia, Dr. E. R. Squibb, of New York,

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on assembling, was surprised to observe the buckskin manikin prone. Just why

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proper treatment, but simply that I might make some practical

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Conn., 1659. He was the progenitor of a long line of men high in

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eye, together with severe darting pains in the face, which

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callosal fissure is long and anastomoses with the para-

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quent use of forceps abusive? Tr. Am. Asa. Obst. ifc

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here is subdivided declare in unmistakable terms that we

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The pancreas may be the seat of either primary or secondary cancer.'^

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lowing day and on the day after, and the pneumatosis disappeared.

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right epicolica and the umbilical. The tumour felt elastic and

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light to the approaching train." (4) A railway collision due, according to

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