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arsenic had nor a ^lir i-hance, as the patieut suftered greatly from gastric

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with much share in the abrupt decline which they record, or

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2. In no case could contagion, or the possibility of it, be demonstrated

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practitioners in rural districts. These gentlemen had never

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consideration of the whole administrative question of the en-

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"^ R Ai'tkenhead, A. R. Anderson, J. J. Anderson, T. Angus, A. Blair, J.

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" We consider the evidence in favour of its life-saving

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tained some striking general results. But even should his

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should wait for a second relapse before resorting to operation,

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Professor of Surgery in the place of Mr. Oliver Pember-

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Medical Journal of April 8th the patient was manifesting

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to the prescription in somewhat ample doses. He was then not only

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GENERAL INFIRMARY. Northampton. -House-Surgeon : doubly quali-

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known. He says ; " I have during the past five or six years visited the

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tion, and inspection chambers have been inserted at two

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tion in the Government of the country— Sir Walter Foster?

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place in February or .March ; <'i) relative humidity is lowest at the sea-

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signs on physical examination, what was the source of the

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a new realistic study by M. Zola, as a pendant to L'' Afsdm^ntoir

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the workmen of the Clydach Vale Coilieries, vice C. J. Jones,

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to a persistent perseverance in a policy of rest and extension

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Harrison, M.B., Clifton; Mr. J. L. Hamilton, London; Dr. F. de H.

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than a pea. The patient had been perfectly well since tiie

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Commons- under the chairmanship of Sir Walter Fostbe—

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actively engaged with him in the working of the Sanitary

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principle that there is no harm in medical officers engaging

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may still be active 8 weeks after the onset of the disease. It

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Park, A. B- Steward. J. A. Dyson, D. Morrissy, A. E. Lewis, J. Tib-

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ducing centres, induced by their imperfect nutrition.

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take place at the close of the academic year 1895-96, when it

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While I was at St. Bartholomew's, instead of slovenliness

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stimulant, alcohol or ammonia, and by the application of

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the compact shell, then the pressure on the cord could not be

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Dawson, Cautley, M.D Durh., L. R.C.P.Lond , reappointed Medical Officer

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and his staff, a much larger number of vaccinated cases

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