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lich-Hata'schen Syphilispriiparates. Berliner klinische

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of fats varies in the individual case and according

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be of value it must maintain this relationship ; hence

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mouth, throat, stomach, and intestinal canal ; as also

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of Christian Science. By Frederick W. Peabody, LL. B.,

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leptics in the expectation of proving or of disprov-

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5:10, screamed, a piercing cry continued til! the breath

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and Drawings. Philadelphia : F. A. Davis Company, 1910.

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of red corpuscles — even if the condition is actually chlorotic — will often resf)ond

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5.6 per cent, .of iron and 24.5 per cent, of iodine

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used as a matter of convenience (usual apology offered),

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tective elements in the blood : the second part con-

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tending from it was a marked lymphangeitis which could

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season of the year that the leaves are picked. It is most

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this treatment is annually demonstrated in Toronto,

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difficult undertaking. If the procedure is so primi-

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ary 19th last she broke the lower part of her thigh

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2d, the Navy on November 3d, and on November 4th, the


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ly clear days are about the same in both cities. In

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inch wide and was made up of rather thick, adherent

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ditions the emigrants will be detained five full days, and

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bryo can be infected by having- infectious material

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M. et Sig. : Use with an oil atomizer or paint on with a

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spinal meningitis, lobar pneumonia, true influenza,

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