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newly-born by mercurializing the mother, or goat or

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should be consistent with the welfare of society in

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The National Association for the Prevention of Consumption and other

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he replies that it has not, then (you may infer that the pain is due

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seems to me to be unnecessary to use it when we can accomplish

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nature. Now it is not that one uses invariably these

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made; but on the contrary it should be maintained in

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branes are ruptured the fetus makes little or no ad-

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forms of vomiting of pregnancy are mentioned, such as cocaine,

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easily exceeds the quantity flowing from the kidneys, and hence super-

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porting himself in the sitting position with difficulty and quite

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Consulting hospital physicians, specialists, such as physicians attached to

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noticed a swelling in his right iliac region. It was accompanied by some

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a healthful one, escaped the contagion, while those who,

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length of the teeth is normal, but the width is diminished; hence, broad interspace in middle.

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of diet ; it may, also, arise from the bad quality of the mother's or nurse's-

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Etiology. — Chronic inflammation of the bladder may be the result of t

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P. vivax. Clinically, therefore, there are two types of tertian

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the sensation of touch with the perception of sound.

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companied by pigment granules in the blood. These tumors

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pains began, and continued to the 22nd ; the abdomen being

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was to serve at many different times. In 1894 A. L. Baker was elected president,

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