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actually harmful. In bringing about this state of affairs
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surgicnt operations performed ; among them many of the most important. The lec-
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Now, as illustrated in the history of this case as given above, it was
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4, ,/. tJ,. ,t. ! With great risk to life. Sir A. Cooper, it is
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cidentally mentioned in this place that if there is any doubt about
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vesical mucous membrane, in the minority as an indirect
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or uterine cases. I was fortunate in meeting thi.s case in which the clinical
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help in deciding as to the nature of the affection ; for
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been felt than in the one that concerns the pathol-
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in hereditary cases we speak of cure we are understood to speak only
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surface, the surface appears convex, and with the bases
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Inn's in recommending the treatment most cordially to the notice of the
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sepsis. The uterus was found to be drawn forward and
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■are also more severe in their character. Diluted alcohol commonly produces a
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dislocations and fractures of bones. His exhibit, composed
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lay in the recovery from paralysis, there being so few ana-
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O. J., aged twenty-four years; laborer; admitted to hospital Novem-
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Bouaideratiou. One naka tbe qiieBUnii : "Is thia case, wlren nJl la UikeD
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the extension or development of pulmonary phthisis.
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it into the sea, and it will be better for mankind and worse for the fishes."
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already seen that Widal and his pupils have proved the role of chloride of
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have its best effect, in these cases, it should be given in doses suf-
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in liability to calcareous deposit, and the idea seems to well merit attention.
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the result of former disease, lameness rarely ensues. The
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To understand myself, and to be in any good degree under-
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at about one hour after beginning treatment. Uncon-
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venous turgescence, and Avhen dro[)sy has not taken place. Otlier circum-
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objective allow a drop of the iodine reagent to run under the cover-slip, and
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14 of 30 patients. Of the evaluable patients, bacteriologic
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the basement to the roof is of great value No modern
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He can lie only on his back or his right side. Has Considerable^difficulty in speaking.
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Acute articular rheumatism is always accompanied by more or less pyrexia.
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otiior partH, and at (lie saiiu> tiiiit> iiicclianicallv dilTusc the

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