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has ramified into the entire thickness of the muscle and extends nearly

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*CoE, Robert W., Esq., re-elected Surgeon to the Bristol General

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A history of hypersensitivity to ciprofloxacin is a contraindication to its use A history of hypersensitivity to other

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lent and peculiar symptoms had ceased. Some, after the vomit-

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stance ; and a good shake or pat upon the back will

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each ward are on opposite sides of the pavilion. On the side

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densed form a well stated resume of all the important

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to Washington in 1907. I tell this so as not r '', ^- . nvc^ c •

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in animals, though not the same lesions and symptoms

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the same bulk as the wood-wool. If you have a mass of old sheeting or any sort

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hospitals as to what class of men they shall employ as house surgeons. Some hospitals insist

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appointed officers of the college : Lyman Spaulding, Pro^

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ogy," I showed by photographs and original sketches

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fore we speak of " epidemics of conjugation." It is of interest to note

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riirht I could read only very large type (No. 18 of Jaeger, " Canon "

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of the most important, it is certainly advisable to devise a course of treat-

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the most part of loOse, fibro-cellular tissue, covered by

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The stomadi near the cardiac end presented a round ulceration

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so long a time in this factory had ulcers varying in size

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of those traveling by rail or by steamer, are very varied, and

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aches ; they begin in the back of her head and go up over the head

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the latter part of this time been straining and crying a great

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by any class of peasantry in India for industry and skill.

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cular are apt to vanish entirely for a time [15], and may be present

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the aneurism, the result of which might be secondary haem-

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seldom numerous, though exceptionally ten to fifteen may be observed.

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phlegmonous redness only in cases where purulent deposits were formed,

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duces a slight functional mitral insufficiency, then

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of regard which exists between the profession of Canada and

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in our hospitals and kindred institutions are filled with

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hands. She spoke not a word during the time; but it was evident that

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absence of tracheal tugging; relatively short duration; if pulsation be

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local conditions, of the different power of resistance displayed by the

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of the finger being often sufficient to cover them. As a ride, the pain

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which is therein discussed, further than to make two state-

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remove a portion of the superior maxilla of a woman for a

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photographs are of about one third the size of the larynx.

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