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ers or maxillary teeth ; and in the latter, it either
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and moderately to fill fuch part every day with lint
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in the cases of severe poisoning with such drugs as the hypnotics or even
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a sense of heat or rawness under the sternum. Vomiting, without much
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Morbid anatomy. — Tuberculous ulcers are very rarely found on
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potassium iodide and guaiacum resin in cachets, should be given. In very
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though, of course, those engaged in working the soil are particularly liable
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results have not been all that could be desired, they have made progress
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Without entering into an academic discussion as to what Potts
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possible to try to prevent rupture of the membranes. The patient
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brows, which are looked upon as a mark of fpiteful-
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and glucose, and whose urine shows a diminution of the acetone bodies, and a
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times in man. It is especially a parasite of the ichthyophagous carnivora,
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na, fat the fame defigii again on foot in the year 1 725.
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affections mentioned have developed, the application of boracic acid oint-
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Local peritonitis. — The diet must be fluid and light until a day or
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wiiuld proliably be of decided benefit in some cases.
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iTiemuft be kept clean, and fed v/ith hay, oats, bar-
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may administer substances to render the alkaloid less soluble, and for this
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two instances the secondary deposit was in the head of the pancreas, twice
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significance, and when localised it may depend on various other conditions
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enlargement of the lymphoid tissue, as in granular pharyngitis.
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action on fats or on carbohydrates ; it stops the action of the saliva on
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y//?/'#ifl, (the) how eafily diftinguifhed from aconfumplion, 150.
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from tuberculin led to a wrong diagnosis, the ca'se eventually turning out
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kept only of the cases where the carcase has been condemned on account
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sputum may be seen epithelial cells from the mucous membrane and the
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deaths were nine and fourteen respectively. This cannot include all the
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set in, or the temperature may rise rapidly till a fatal termination is
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and jaundice, are all accidental and very rare symptoms ; they form no part
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(hod with a fandle, or fhoe made of broom, careful-
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qualities of the water, were the firft caufes of this
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fever and that of an infective disease, as seen in the character of the
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eat fuch ordure, nor delight in mire as the tame one
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progressive ulceration at the site of its impaction, and the process con-

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