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bral plumbism, gastric crises of tabes, in certain auto-intoxications and

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operate upon all cases directly after the recovery from a second attack,

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attacks begins when the bromide is given, the opium treatment having no

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ment is. probably, on the whole, the most successful, but in many cases

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blood-pressure. Thus, it may happen during defecation, childbirth, slight

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usually secondary, proceeding from parts covered by peritoneum. In

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controlling power is slight. Whenever it is possible the flow of blood

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quantity of serous fluid in the pleural cavity, but in certain instances pus

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have called attention to its occurrence in the regions bordering upon the

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those occurring in the so-called black, malignant, or hemorrhagic scarlet

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free or included within the proglottides or segments. If these eggs

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chilling of the stomach, and drunk at meals may interfere with digestion ;

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DEFINITION. A contagious febrile disease, characterized by a pecu-

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Cruveilhier in 1836. They appear as red or black enlargements, about the

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dependent upon the existence of organic disease in any portion of the

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and hence is a spirillum. According to the observations of Hueppe,

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Eliza E , aged sixteen, fair and florid in complexion, with a

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ease the irritative symptoms diminish, and those of intracranial pressure,

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ble, may also be inferred from the petition they received the other

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often at this period or later paralysis of the muscles of the jaw, with

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experiments suggest that it is a function of the pancreas to control the

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toms. The neuralgic temperament is further allied to hysteria and to

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are real or feigned, and, if real, how far they are exaggerated. It is next

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while there is a tendency to reduplication of the first sound at the apex.

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appearing in a few hours ; a temporary dragging of the toes ; a partial

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days after the passage of the calculus. There is increased frequency

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Thrombosis of the superior mesenteric vein is less frequent than is embo-

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exception, the most uniform manifestation of interest and friendship,

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decide its nature, so that the examination of a case of persistent head-

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may heal at one part and progress at another, thus at times causing ex-

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water and laudanum simply tended to subdue inflammation ; but its

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and, that having exhausted its power, its exit is as sudden as was its

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less, and soon develops jaundice and black vomit, ending in death ;

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ache, vertigo, ringing in the ears, and cyanosis and oedema of the skin.

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of a perihepatitis when a chronic inflammation of the capsule exists,

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aboriginal tribes such as the North American Indians are liable to be

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tion. Cheyne-Stokes breathing occurs during sleep or when the patient

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