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cases with the loss of only one case. No practitioner would have ven-

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in forty-eight hours afterward. An examination after death showed a

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meat of it. His book must be considered the fullest I -Amer. Journ. of the Med. Sciences, July, 1860.

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Beck. Tlie evidence drawn from the state of the circulation and

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Another pathological condition which may give rise to an apoplectic

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"were the only remedies emi)loyed. He was allowed at once a nutritious

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this remedy in combination with the preparations of cinchona. Arsenic

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are specifically distinct, and consequently I am almost forced to

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is brought about chiefly by constriction and dilatation of the

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sistent symptoms in certain cases. The prol)able explanation in these

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« Clinical Lectures on Diseases of the Liver, etc. By Charles Murchison, M. D,

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times puffed outward by the expired breath, as in the act of expelling to-

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Commencing with April, 187.3, the Obstetrical Journal consi.«ts of Original Papers by Brit-

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of the liver or the surrounding parts. The opportunity of obtaining

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bruit de soufflet are ; 1st, a current-like motion of the blood,

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die supposed, of serous membrane. With respect to the

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teriorly and medially for a short distance across the surface of

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organs from an adjoining situation. In the cases in which the affection

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in the d ■ -nosis. The atfectious to be excluded are the form of muscular

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in like manner, irrespective of anj- inflammatory or structural disease,

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frank and definite, and gives us opinions, and gene- I )f the soil fertilized by the blood of our late unhappy

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Owing to the loss of i)ower over the orbicular muscle, the tears are not

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tangential sections, of fibers coming into contact with the cell

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this higher relative gain throughout the seventy-five days.

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upon other and more or less remote parts, or to a local disease situated

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" 8. It may be developed in previously- healtliy places by turning up of

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plete and accurate history. It. seems that the growth of this

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tions of kittens, of puppies, and of adult dogs and cats were made.

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or pustular ; this is true of variola and varicella. In the remainder the

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reasonings upon the source of sense, that peculiarity of sense

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omy. Part VI. Plastic Operations of the Face. Part VII. Special Operations. Chap,

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limitation of tenderness to circumscribed isolated spaces on the surface.

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In order to determine as far as possible the distribution of

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wear and tear of the nervous system. The action of mental causes is

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stantly shifting. Paroxysms of maniacal fury sometimes occur, and may

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nerve were made. In a few instances, to bring out important

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