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head." In relation to the first point, Mr. C. observes, that
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the infected tissue. In one of the cases reported in my
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J. K. Pepper, Winston-Salem; S. D. Craig, Winston-Salem.
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softened, but sometimes indurated. The different columns, chiefly the
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that an inch and a quarter more was gained for it in
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Abdominal Surgery without liigature. — A. J. Downes
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practice, it offers a good opportunity for a physician to establisb bimself. For fkirther porticalacs.
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augmented amount of synovial fluid, somewhat whitish from admixture
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hold the sides open, and search for the foreign body.
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justified in refusing this mode of exi)lanation, not
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Dr. Woolston mentioned a case of asthma, in which he used strych-
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political organization of the county, it shall have, when so re-organized,
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short and concise description of the different forms so
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ther the idea by lending their influence and active
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Crzellilzcr (A.) Die Tsclierning'sclie Accoinuioda-
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• gecnocobe, B. 7 bape, B. 8 >apa, B. 9 -nobe, B. 10 -egaft, B.
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mencing, as has been said, on the face, the perspiration rapidly involves
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especially in acute abdominal disorders that call for early surgical
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bly recall in this connection the unprecedented and
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great majority of the hospital staff, and it is to these that we are wont
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catheterism was made by Dr. Lewis before a number of
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terior part of the first temporal lobe. Aphasia would
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of the urine need not be flung aside like an obsolete
what is naproxen 500mg used for
were treated with morphia (number not stated) was 13 '8 per cent.
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ureteritis. It is my experience that most of the cases where the
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in some animals adhering to and accumu- \ Case. — George S., aged 18 years, was
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physique, but in good health and of perfectly correct habits,
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fixing it with a pedicle needle. The capsule was incised. The liga-
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as large as can be purchased, and special care must be
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determination of enantiomeric purity of naproxen
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do not understant the nature of fever, or that disturbed state of the sys-
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a straight stalk, and it hath seed in green pods of
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no doubt as to diagnosis ; but there are many notable exceptions to
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base, and about seven-eighths of an inch in thickness. In the morbid
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chrift,' vol. ix. Plate v., fig. 8.) The eggs of Diplozoon pa-
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1. It readily combines with cold distilled water, forming, if recent, a bright
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the matter of saving fifteen minutes* time as one of any
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present here some points in the relation of the throat
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disease and soon his clinical condition made it evident that he was
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barbers. He promised to kill him in such a way that
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fortable of all. Under the exalted excitement of the

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