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the different accounts he had received of the effects of the variolo-vaccine, he

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Exercise for Reduction of Weight, — ^It should be said

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Neither does a man's weight appreciably afifect his

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blister ; no calomel, nor any purgatives, diete absolue.

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degree Univ. of Chicago, 1944; interned, St. Luke’s

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sume), states that the colour of the gastro-intestinal canal is white, or white

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bouring groups by a line of demarcation corresponding to a proper

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established, showing how different modem dietetics is

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3 Yonatt records the case of a dog with chorea, in which hoth pupils were much

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On Tuberculous Disease in North- Western Texas. By Dr. E. M.

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out medical certificates, a result which, he adds, no other country

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viscera generally. The affections of the heart, that often predict a sudden sus-

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* [See nlso Med. Repos., (New York,) 2 Hex. vol. ii, p. 96; Lancet, April 11, 1840,

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detected in the urine, by MM. Orfila and Villeneuve, should be added as a supplement

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either liquid blood, effused in the stomach, or sometimes that

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determined me to remove this tumour by the knife, which I accordingly did, in

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the rooms of diphtheria patients failed to demonstrate

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VEvenemerU Mddical^ and Bulletin Qdndral de TkSrapewU^te^ March

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vast morass called the Everglades. North of this point to the Georgia line,

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A. Twbbdib, M.D., F.R.S., Consult. Phys. Fever Hospital.

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that the tailor was smking — at any rate he was yelling

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Paris bandage, leaving the wound exposed. The splint is cut

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against this that some substances decompose when heated into other

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small excesses in the daily ration. It is much easier to

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ounces. This effusion was all external to the dura mater. On the right

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the consmnptive, at any rate, nothing short of an assured

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of toxemia of bacterial origin; many physicians believe

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patient's danger was now extreme, the author took a sponge dipped in cold

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rubbers even when the groimd is dry, and Mary gets it

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Tyler Smith of a patient who, whilst single, had been healthy, who

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however, is to be sought in the relative quantity of nerve-

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both lungs. The temperature was then generally 98*6°. The tinc-

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of nineteen cases illustrative of injury to the spine^ together

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localities, and in persons unconnected, and having no communica*

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during sleep the mouth could be opened nearly to its full extent without

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of the spinal cord caused by bacteria which have entered

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eases and excessive medication, from the action of the kidneys, liver, mucous

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no perception of light, and no tenderness on pressure. For about

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the prevalence of the disease in our chief seaports. Several cases

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The medical officers of the fleet are unanimous that the use

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