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Yellow Fever Relief Fund, 294, 413, 439, 500, 514, 51:'
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dition. There was no twisting of the pedicle. The tumour was
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are nearly as frequent as the imitations of diseases of the
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often fails in angioneurotic edema where \ery large doses are
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pared, and united by the aid of points of suture, and a cure effected ;
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controls when the relation to body weight was considered, but Cohn
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and stertorous, as well as markedly irregular, ranging between 8
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Medical Gazette of July 6th, 1839, and werev copied into the tenth
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The stricture was incised in nearly the same direction as the external
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Hemop^sis Not Dae to Pulmonary Tuberculosis. — (a) In affections of the
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fibres diminish in numbers as the disease progresses, so the force of the
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far the most common and earliest. They may exist alone, even for years.
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they were suddenly attacked by a band of Mazite, and that
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demonstrate, to his own satisfaction, fixed difiFerences in the various strains of
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in distant organs. Now, in all these processes, it is obvious that we have
attempting to utilize the flimsy structure of the ligament itself for
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The President — I would ask the Registrar whether that was directed to be done ?
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on labour, and how far they interfered with conception was
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of the kidney if the organ was diffusely diseased. After having,
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articulations are involved, has been fatal in very many instances in
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from 100 to even 150 in a minute ; or, after reaching a certain
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Some of the patients with marked atrophy of the muscles may be two years
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two, above. Whether, then, we look to the cases which requir-
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do not pretend to discuss them. When our correspond-
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this way you may conduce to his recovery^ and he may be simple
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The state superintendent is directed to publish lists of books
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palate, and base of tongue. The patient was reported
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honour or secrecy; and if, in consequence of this, one is
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not infrequently in recent embolism of the arteria centralis (see later).
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quently helpful in directing one’s attention to the
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I was called upon by J. C. Esq., residing near Glendale, Ohio,
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Manson 's case is likewise very instructive. This was a man who
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often attended by marked difficulty, the femoral variety
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the care of G, E. Fenwick, M.D. — Reported by Mr.
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law, to pray and believe as they please, but if they want to leave
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is more Lkeiy to come out unbroken, and consequent'y
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open to inspection, and making the information thus obtained available
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a certain remedy for the bite of a mad dog. The wound
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iiiglit. In some cases there is rigidity of the muscles, an(
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advisable. Otherwise I encourage the patient to make
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1820 it wan only 8^ gallons, and now it ih 2!! gallons
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