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is it also with the animal poisons we are now considering; so is

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decide in what way the four years shall be spent. Again, I

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vessels in its passage through them. It certainly is applied, in

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CBiWFORD, John, M.D., Staff-Surgeon, to the Trineomalee.

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electrical contractility, and exaggerated, normal, or diminished reflexes, are

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the organic substances in the mixture. This is done by the method of Fresenius

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shows itself by very acute pain in the testis, or in the groin along the sper-

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passed when any ehanee was left to them to regain their

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from the street, with a railing in front of it, still to be seen. He was

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Dr. Draper and others, in which recurrence afiforded pro-

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many, it has been gradually spreading in the country of

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sion of red cells in the hemolytic system. In all later work the methods

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scarlatina without other evidence of uremia. Retinitis and

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That the motor centres of the Eolandic area are in intimate organic

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vations, is apt to extend beyond its usual limits of two

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Recently, in my official capacity as physician to the

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their share in its production. Mr. Fleming begged to apologize for tres-

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of. I directed a continuation of the James's powder, and effervescing

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complications. Tlie treatment varies with the condition

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be avoided in the new mode of preparation, very frequently alters the

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ingredient in the Bordeaux mixture, so much used for spraying.

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moving disease of every form, are, and must be as free

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occurs in paroxysms or exacerbations. Spasm may be more or less promi-

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lute rest. I know most authorities recommend exercise rather than

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Physiol., 1902, i, 63; Ibid., 1904, iii, 453. Falta, W. : Ztschr. f. d. inn. Med. u.

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of the kidney into the pelvis of the kidney, making only a fine and entirely harm-

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rise to the formation of these bodies in the parenchyma of the lungs.

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the diagnosis of obscure fractures, bone depressions, and for

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Soon after lie began to go about his roorft, he noticed numbness in his

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