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more fascinating employment than to trace the development of the art

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his reply, which, we are bound to say, while it is free from

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ment of this disease mercurials should not be used. This conclusion is

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employed with greater circumspection than if the affections were primary.

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is, however, a pathologic eosinophilic polynuclear leukocytosis. These

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parietibus forti:er adhaerens, magnje molis et intoLrai.dse graveo-

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nerve are very irregular, but assist in uniting the other veins.

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Brain tumor, arthritis deformans, Graves' disease, diabetes, and progressive

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Dii>hthearitio (dtf- or dtp-thi-rit^tc). Relating

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a quick cure. This is not the miracle drug that the

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1 If the patient's sight is so bad that he cannot make out any

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diminished during the attack and increases with defervescence. The

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Abscess — ^ead and neck. — 12 : 7 M., 5 F., 4 of which were alveolar from

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tion of pathologists has been specially directed to the subject, the vertebrae

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tion of the murderer Taylor at Auburn prison on July

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loins, than over the rest of the body. A pathognomonic sign of

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progressive failure ending in complete blindness or deafness; though I

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T. nana von Siebold 1852, nec van Beneden 1867 ; T. cegyptiaca

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of the vital phenomena and processes in any given case, or

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the early diagnosis of measles, for it is sometimes absent, and, on the other

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injured person to be transported even for some dis-

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after, that although, as a general rule, the lungs are more perfectly filled with

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will be sufficient to state that the Bengali falls far short of the

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